Asp net formview itemupdating e newvalues

05-Sep-2017 21:17

If there're anything else unclear, please feel free to post here. =" | MIME-Version: 1.0 | Content-Type: text/plain; | charset="Utf-8" | Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit | X-Newsreader: Microsoft CDO for Windows 2000 | Content-Class: urn:content-classes:message | Importance: normal | Priority: normal | X-Mime OLE: Produced By Microsoft Mime OLE V6.00.3790.0 | Newsgroups: microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet | NNTP-Posting-Host: TK2MSFTNGXA03gbl | Path: TK2MSFTNGXA01gbl!

Thanks, Steven Cheng Microsoft Online Support Get Secure! TK2MSFTNGXA03gbl | Xref: TK2MSFTNGXA01gbl microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet:135347 | X-Tomcat-NG: microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.aspnet | | I'm working on an ASP. Net 2.0 framework, | and I have a serious problem with the page I'm currently working on.

All the filed value are properly inserted in my MS SQL Server database. New Values["Page Title"] is not providing new value in 'onitemupdating' event. Can anyone say - how can I fix this problem and why e.

(I am giving the value of 'Id' field in 'oniteminserting' event.) 2/ Problem is - 'Page Title' field is not updating at the time updating data. Thus the value of 'Page Title' is not storing in the database.

Hello, the Details View will renders as a table ,and its layout is not flexible enough , this is why the Form View Exists, its the same as Details View , but it has a flexible Layout , so the Form View is the b... When I run the web app, I choose to edit this field & can type whatever I want no problem. Hi zhughes, You can implement "go to the next line by pressing the enter key". Details View Control, Validator Control Hello, I am trying to add a Required Field Validator Control to a template field in the Details View Control, here is the code: Calendar2. The columns from the sqldatasource display fine in the Details View and I can edit them.

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Form View2 talks to my Activities table and has an Item Template, Insert Item Template and an Edit Item Template.

Here is a code of My Detail View_Item Updating: Details View Item Updating Old Values New Values Hi, I'm trying to update values from Detals View using C# codebehind. However, Command Arguments come from database to linkbutton. For example, that first field in Details View has name Point and value 10.

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