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02-Dec-2017 15:45

The only person I nearly had a chance to meet had her account deleted for no reason. I won't explain that here, but they know who they were.My only logical conclusion was that the site, and all sites like it - especially the ones which try to make you pay for (viewing or using) messaging services - are NOT WORTH any time.It is also worried about an emerging trend which shows websites use hidden costs and unfair contracts to swindle consumers.In 2013, Australians lost million to dating and romance scams, the ACCC said.But it turned out Gary was a scammer, hiding behind a fake profile.Jenny became suspicious when she was unable to meet with him in person."He had actually given me a hotel where he was staying.

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"They were always based around the work he was doing, that his business, he had cash flow problems or something had gone wrong.If you've read this far then thanks for doing so.I have a few other things to say, though.1: Dating, or at least online, has been monopolized.Ms Rickard said many people came into contact with scammers through dating websites."A lot of these sites are set up for Christian groups or particular groups which again add to that level of trust.

"We think there's a real responsibility on the sites to warn people about what the tell-tale signs of scammers are and also to do the behind the scenes work to keep the scammers off the sites."When you join a dating site you can be caught up in the moment ...