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12-Aug-2017 18:06

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She then handed the entire amount over to “Fred” in this wire transfer without question.

Of course, it was all a hoax and not only did this gullible woman never hear from “Fred” again after the money had been transferred.

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Instead probably lonely and believing with all of her heart late in life that “Fred” was the man of her dreams, this woman ended up selling all of her jewelry as well as raised cash coming from her life savings in the total amount of ,000.A person applying to E-Harmony tells just a little white lie when he/she states on the form his/her age as being 28 when in fact the true age would be 40. Some even post a “fake” photo that would definitely not be him/her!A person happens to take off 15 or so pounds to make him/herself to be more impressionable regarding his/her weight when in fact. All done so to perpetuate the lie and impress the gullible individual!I mean if some complete stranger walks up to you on the street, politely asks for ,000, (and if you had it) would you just hand it over to him/her without question?

But it does happen, (in a different and more sinister way online) as people continue to get duped by scam artists believing that they have fallen in love with the “person of their dreams”. The prospects of romance cause even the smartest among us to do stupid things.