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16-Sep-2017 14:59

asked whether the Swedish royal family should become your new obsession. You may not be able to beat the Brits when it comes to medieval history (there was only one Henry VIII, after all..luckily at that, for the kingdom's women), but the Swedes aren't exactly saints.

Not just are they stunning, fashion-conscious people, but the sprawling family packs a punch of intrigue to rival any modern-day monarchy.

"Expensive holidays on the French Riviera, travelling all over the globe, throwing ridiculously expensive parties, socializing with lots of women when his wife is not present.

The Swedish people seem to be very tolerant, and partly that's because they don't see him as a grown-up person."Meanwhile, three of the king's older sisters—Princess Margaretha, Princess Désirée and Princess Christine—lost their Royal Highness designation when they married commoners.

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He met his future wife, German-Brazilian Silvia Sommerlath, a former flight attendant and trained interpreter, during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, where she was working as an educational host. ABBA performed at a gala in their honor the night before the glamorous couple's wedding on June 19, 1976.

It was said that it wasn't until a number of Swedes died in the December 2004 tsunami in Thailand that the king stepped up as a truly unifying figure, opening up about the death of his own father in a well-received speech to the people."I wish that I had a good answer," Carl XVI said.

"If I only as a king, like in the fairy tales, could make everything right and end the tale with 'and so they lived happily ever after.' But I am just like you, simply a grieving, searching human being."And still, the paradoxical picture of the king remained."He does all the things that aristocrats tend to do," journalist Thomas Sjöberg, author of the King Carl XVI biography in 2011.

Reminiscent of what Britain's Prince Charles is facing now, as a future king who never particularly endeared himself to the people, King Carl XVI has said that he never felt fully embraced by the Swedish people until he was in middle age.

In the 1980s, for instance, he provoked anger in his own country and next door when he publicly slammed the Norwegian prime minister over the cruel practice of seal hunting--considered a misstep since the royal family doesn't have He had a string of girlfriends, liked sports cars and made no pains to act like a wealthy, privileged playboy.King Carl XVI has four older sisters, none of whom had a shot at the crown due to traditional primogeniture—that centuries-old royal system that mandated sons would always be ahead of their sisters in line, while the son of a monarch's deceased brother would be next in line ahead of the next-youngest brother.

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