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Curry then talked a bit about her new cookware line before they launched into the 'cooking' segment.

Megyn kept her cue cards in her hands the entire time so was limited in what she could do, and beyond asking Curry to identify an unknown herb and calling the raw chicken 'gross' before getting rid of the skin on it did not play much of a role.

The show is also already trailing 'Live With Kelly & Ryan' in metered marked ratings, though exact audience numbers are not yet available for the syndicated ABC program.

The metered gap is a large one though, with Kelly grabbing a 0.7 in women 25 - 54 versus a 1.0 for 'Live' and a 1.9 rating / 7 share to the 2.3 / 8 posted by 'Live.'Between Monday and Friday, NBC's million hire lost 600,000 viewers, though on the positive side did manage to keep her total audience at around 2.3 million for the last three days of the week.

He asked her if Steve had ever touched her down there in her special spot.

Megyn did move two pieces of raw chicken from a plate into a skillet (calling the skin 'gross') and ask Curry to identify one of the herbs she was using (thyme) in the one-pot meal.

Earlier in the show she welcomed on trainer Bob Harper, with the svelte and toned host telling her guest at one point she was 'covered in flab.'Megyn's cooking segment comes as first week numbers for the show put 'Megyn Kelly Today' behind its predecessor 'Today's Take' both week-over-week and year-over-year.

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