Realadult chat

05-Dec-2017 14:42

99% of the drunk messages are now you, telling the other chat members how much you love them every weekend. Once you all have real adult responsibilities, you may not Skype every week, but you'll get together a few times a year (hopefully more! The inside jokes will be so good you'll have to make actual memes out of them.

The group chat is the one place where college lives on in our hearts, and for that, we are grateful.

At least Just like you're back in college, there are inevitably those nights when you wake up every five seconds to the light of your phone. Let's hope you weren't the one friend who was busy working at your same college waitressing gig and had to miss the entire Skype sesh.

If you're the one friend who got a job, this is even more of a fresh hell. Making plans to see all these people in person, especially if half of you live across the country, is going to be so much fun.

We like to think a drink is a good first date, whether it be a coffee or an Irish version, nobody wants the pressure of having to eat in front of someone for the first time.

Luckily for you, there's the post-graduation group chat to keep one another in each other's lives, and to bore all your college friends with the detailed minutia of your newly minted adult life.

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