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It's disgusting.'Another ISIS wife, named as May, said she was only passing through Raqqa when she met her husband - a Moroccan militant called Bilal who she described as a pacifist who did not want to take up arms.The Syrian English teacher, from Homs, was already a widow after her first husband was shot by a sniper. "There’s nothing about, like, speed skating for roses [that] sounds appealing to me whatsoever, [but] I would love to be, like, on the sidelines...I would like to make hot cocoa for everybody." We would love that too!The Kurdish-run Hawar news agency said some 180 civilians were able to flee areas controlled by IS while the Observatory put the number in the hundreds.Cast your eyes over these cashback deals and save money when shopping for books, magazines and stationery at WHSmith.

Having fled, she now dreams of her old life in France and admitted she 'loved jeans and make up'.But instead, she and others like her found all-female dormitories where women would fight among themselves and extremists who were obsessed with sex.The French national said women would take part in rounds of speed dating where they would be selected as wives.Now that we know who won't be competing, let's talk about who will.

Producer Mike Fleiss previously revealed that the franchise's latest , will feature "sexy international Bachelors and Bachelorettes from the dozens of countries that also produce #The Bachelor" — and one of them has already been announced! He is just one of many international cast members competing in The Winter Games..." Mike wrote on Twitter. He is just one of many international cast members competing in The Winter Games...

But she said her new husband has ended up in jail in the town of Kobani - and is fearful she will not see him again. Because I can't kill myself, because this is suicide.'She added that other women in Raqqa had been left shocked after being divorced by foreign ISIS fighters only 'three to four days or one month' after marrying.