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7 IMF: Redenomination will make daily life in Belarus simpler Probably the redenomination will make our daily life simpler. He believes that the government and the National Bank have prepared well for the redenomination, and settle promptly technical difficulties if there are. 6 United | ISINs - REDENOMINATION INTO THE EURO Isins - redenomination into the euro. It was commissioned by the City Euro Group and has been written jointly by United Kingdom Debt Management Office (DMO) and CRESTCo Ltd (CREST). (6) A resolution under this section may specify conditions which must be met before the redenomination takes effect. DOC7 An Interpretation of Conversion, Rounding and Redenomination is a one-off event for each monetary amount, usually taking place towards the end of a transition period. As part of redenomination, this threshold might be smoothed perhaps to 12,700. Singapore Statutes Online - 50 - Companies Act (3) The redenomination must be made at a spot rate of exchange specified in the resolution. (5) The day or period specified for the purposes of subsection (4) must be within the period of 28 days ending on the day before the resolution is passed. The question is how correctly the contracts will be concluded with local authorities and budget recipients. anas likums Redenomination of Equity Capital Stocks (Shares) of Capital Companies (1) Denomination of equity capital stocks (shares) from lats to euro shall be performed, preserving the current proportion among the current owners of the company and minimising changes in the equity capital. Redenomination of Debt Securities (1) The requirements of this Section shall apply to debt securities denominated in lats, registered in the Latvian Central Depository. 10,000 would translate, according to the EC conversion and rounding rules, to a euro threshold of 12,697.38. 450 Concerning the redenomination of the official currency of the Republic of Belarus. (2) A resolution under this section may authorize a limited company to redenominate its share capital (a) on more than one occasion; (b) at a specified time or in specified circumstances. November 4 2015 the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed decree No.

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Berezino regional executive committee - Lukashenko stresses... And statesmen always think about the prospects and development of the state, Alexander Lukashenko said.If you are a victim of an ATM scam, report it to the local police.The police may not be able to get your money back, but can issue you with an official police report for insurance purposes. Redenomination: If the Notes are redenominated pursuant to Condition 22 (Redenomination, Renominalisation and Reconventioning), then following redenomination Belarus redenominates its official currency | Mogilev regional...

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be the Luxemburger Wort) or published on the website of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange ( The banknotes of the 2000 series will be exchanged for banknotes and coins of the 2009 series; the ratio is 10,000:1. Any redenomination could occur at different rates (asymmetric redenomination) and/or rates other than the official foreign exchange rate. e-Registry : e-Submission Services Redenomination of Share Capital (Form NSC13). Variation of Rights Attached to Shares (Form NSC15). Belarus news | Minsk Region Executive Committee Belarus' budget for 2016 will be approved without taking the planned redenomination into account, First Deputy Finance Minister Maksim Yermolovich told Bel TA. Maksim Yermolovich expressed confidence that there would be no problems with the fulfillment of the obligations in connection with the forthcoming redenomination.

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