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Modbus RTU slave: Provides monitoring of inputs outputs, statuses, alarms, and variables.Provides writing of variables for remotely modifying parameter settings Type: 10 or 100 Base T; auto-speed and auto-polarity sensing Length of Link: 330 ft. Use Shielded twisted-pair, Category 5 (STP CAT5) Ethernet cable.

Each control loop has as standard an auto-tuning feature using Honeywell’s performance proven Accutune III tuning algorithm.A selectable “Fuzzy Logic” algorithm is also provided for each loop to suppress unwanted process setpoint overshoot. • Single or Dual input measurement• Dual input in any combination of p H, ORP, contacting conductivity, or dissolved oxygen• Versatile, backlit graphical display• Infrared PC & Pocket PC configuration• Optional input from Honeywell remote digital preamplifiers and Durafet Cap Adapters• Isolated inputs and outputs• CSA Type 4X (NEMA 4) enclosure• Multi-language prompts• Two analog outputs standard plus one additional optional• Two electromechanical relays standard plus two additional optional• Real Time clock for Auto and History functions• Auto Clean/Auto Cal functions• Event History screens• Calibration History information• Easy access through hinged front door• Full DIN Size• Panel, wall or pipe mounting is available• Easily Field Up-gradable• Ethernet and RS485 Communications p H: 0-14 p H Temperature: -10 to 110°C (14 to 230°F) ORP: -1600 to 1600 m V Conductivity: 0.01 Cell: 0-2 u S/cm displayable to 200 u S/cm; 0-0.2 m S/cm; 0-2,000 ppb TDS; 0-200 ppm TDS 0.1 Cell: 0-20 u S/cm displayable to 2000 u S/cm; 0-2 m S/cm, 0-2,000 ppb TDS; 0-2,000 ppm TDS, 1.0 Cell: 0-200 u S/cm displayable to 20,000 u S/cm; 0-20 m S/cm; 0-200 ppm TDS; 0-20 ppt TDS 10 Cell: 0-2,000 u S/cm displayable to 99999 u S/cm; 0-200 m S/cm; 0-2,000 ppm TDS; 0-200 ppt TDS 25 Cell: 0-20,000 u S/cm displayable to 99999 u S/cm; 0-500 m S/cm; 0-10% Concentration displayable to 20% 50 Cell: 0-20,000 u S/cm displayable to 99999 u S/cm; 0-1,000 m S/cm; 0-20% Concentration Temperature: 0 to 140°C (32 to 284°F) Dissolved Oxygen: 0 - 200 ppm 0 - 20 ppb 0 –200 ppb 0 – 2000ppb Temperature: 2 – 60°C (35.6 – 104°F), must not freeze Accuracy: 0.5% of reading Output Accuracy: /- 0.01 m A Drift: Negligible Repeatability: 0.05% Temperature Accuracy: p H and Conductivity Thermistor: /- 0.1°C from –10 to 100° C, /- 1.0° C from 101° to 140° C p H 1000 ohm RTD: /- 0.4° C D. Thermistor: /- 0.1° C from 2 to 60° C Reference Operating Conditions: 25 /- 1° C; 10-40% RH; 120 or 240 Vac Ambient Temperature Operating: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F) Storage: -30 to 70°C (-22 to 158°F) RH: 5 to 90% max. For higher temperatures the RH specification is derated to maintain constant moisture content.Vibration: 5-15 Hz disp 8 mm pk to pk 15-200 Hz accel 2 GTwo 0-20 or 4-20 m Adc, 750 ohms max., isolated from inputs, ground, and each other, independently field-assignable to any parameters and ranges.BY ORDER OF THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOROffice of the Federal Register Washington, D. By Authority of the Code of Federal Regulations: 21 CFR 184Name of Legally Binding Document: NAS: Food Chemicals Codex (1996)Name of Standards Organization: National Academy of Sciences LEGALLY BINDING DOCUMENTThis document has been duly INCORPORATED BY REFERENCE into federal regulations and shall be considered legally binding upon all citizens and residents of the United States of America.

The US Pharmacopeia and National Formulary (USP/NF) organization has changed to an annual publication schedule, which became effective on January 1, 2002.

Link Characteristics: Four-wire plus shield, single drop, five hops maximum IP Address: IP Address is as shipped from the factory Recommended network configuration: Use Switch rather than Hub in order to maximize UDA Ethernet performance Configuration: Ethernet parameters are configured via the front-panel or web pages.

It shouldn’t surprise me if at this time next week I’m surrounded by family, gathered on short notice—they’re sad and shocked but also a little pissed off to be here—to help decide, after what’s happened, what’s to be done with me now. ” they kindly cry when they happen upon me crossing the street or exiting a dinghy or departing an X-ray room, while the little balloon over their heads reads, “Holy Let’s move on. Terriers aren’t water dogs, but Harry enjoyed kayaking in Maine, sitting like a figurehead between my knees for an hour or more and scoping out the passing cormorant or yachtsman. Then, in a delicate gesture, she would run the pointed tip of her tongue lightly around the upper curve of her teeth. I’ve forgotten, perhaps mercifully, much of what happened in that last week and the weeks after, but this recurs. For almost a year, I would wake up from another late-afternoon mini-nap in the same living-room chair, and, in the instants before clarity, would sense her sitting in her own chair, just opposite. I can’t do this and it eats at me, but then, without announcement or connection, something turns up. My children Alice and John Henry and my daughter-in-law Alice—yes, another one—and my granddaughters Laura and Lily and Clara, who together and separately were as steely and resplendent as a company of Marines on the day we buried Carol. Laura, for example, who will appear almost overnight, on demand, to drive me and my dog and my stuff five hundred miles Down East, then does it again, backward, later in the summer.… continue reading »

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