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20-Dec-2017 07:59

I haven't heard anything on 26.500MHz (Ch15) for a very long time. I just finished an 80ch upgrade mod for the Pearce Simpson Tiger UHF CB.

A simple pic chip soldered to the back of the LED display.

I even worked one station in Victoria on AM it was that good.

If 10m FM repeaters were working, AM CB is easy :) Most of the 27MHz idiots are gone. Ch35 LSB is still a magnet for them, the other channels are free for normal comms.

I owned both UHF & 27 meg radios up until about 6 or 7 years ago and wondered if there is still good contacts to be made on SSB?

I know I could look at amateur radio but I don't rally want the expense or hassle that can go along with this. I still have a President Washington packed away somewhere, it was one that had the extra channells and sliders put in it.

10m, and 'international radios' (26-28-9Mhz) and more functional 40ch 27Mhz CB's are best sought Stateside.

I had the pleasure of making many long distance contacts including Anchorage in Alaska from our base station setup in regional SE QLD. It has been a number of years since I owned a 27 meg radio and I know UHF is the most popular CB now days.

I agree, however if the there is to much uncertainty then it doesn't become a hobby, it becomes a waste of time & money.

I don't want to spend hours trying to make contact with stations in the US.

Just youtube CB radio and have a look at some of the setups they are using.

They also are using big power outputs over there, something we never go to experiment with in here is OZ. Ch8 was the truckies channel here and ch19 is still used over there by truckers.SSB CB is a cost effective easy way to make some long distance contacts, but only if people still use it. I started off with one of the first CBs out in the western suburbs of Sydney. It was good seeing who u could get hold of over seas. I wouldnt mind knowing to if there is still anyone using 27mhz.